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5 producten in Detective

  1. Buried Secrets
    Buried Secrets
    Ruben A. Hilbers
    € 17,95
    When a construction project at an infamous Hollywood studio uncovers a decade old murder, Captain Marcus Jones finds himself facing his hardest case yet. And things are not made easier when a new threat to the city surfaces. Now Jones, leads a team ... Meer informatie
  2. The Chapter of St Cloud
    The Chapter of St Cloud
    Marcus Attwater
    € 15,95
    "Detective Inspector Collins stared at the whiteboard in his office. He hated the thing. It had photos of the murder victim stuck to it with little magnets, and his name in a big red circle in the centre. Other people had pictures of their family in ... Meer informatie
  3. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    € 17,95
    Twelve exciting stories about and with this master-detective nose. All the problems brought to the attention of Sherlock Holmes seem insoluble, but Conan Doyle knows how to surprise every time, with a plot and a solution that would never have come ... Meer informatie
  4. Hollywood
    Edmond Dantes
    € 17,95
    Born on a farm in Louisiana, August Smith leaves home to pursue his dream of becoming a Hollywood stuntman. But the reality turns out to be far from idyllic, for a murder stalks the studio lot. Can August and his friends unravel this mystery before ... Meer informatie
  5. Anarchemy
    Richard W. Custer
    € 5,40
    De Agendaneers zijn verantwoordelijk voor deze apocalyps ... Schematoria en Perturbatory zijn waar ze je voor heropvoeding. -En Anarchemy is de universele taal van verdeeldheid naar aanleiding van deze ramp door overlevenden van de woestenij ... Meer informatie

5 producten in Detective